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Ketra Richmond

Non-Profit Founder,  Author & Entrepreneur

"Shell of A WOMAN- A Journey To Heal My Broken Pieces"

As a newly Published Author, Speaker, & Transformational Life Coach, Ketra Richmond has proven herself to be a jack of all trades making it her personal mission to show others how to manifest the life they desire through the power of self-confidence.


From adversity to TRIUMPH, Ketra was called to use her platform to help restore mindsets by sharing her intimate and daunting personal journey through her non-profit, Enough Today, Inc. and self-published workbook “Shell of A WOMAN… a journey to heal my broken pieces”.


In addition to promoting acts of self-care, Ketra established “Keys to A Richer Life” to help enhance lives both professionally and personally. Her services range from career coaching to home relocation (and everything in between).


Ketra’s primary goal in life is to empower her clients to walk in confidence, dress for success, love themselves, and applaud where they are TODAY. She is effective in her teachings due to her own life journey.


“I’ve had to learn not only how to adjust, but how to OVERCOME obstacles by being vulnerable and willing to face and heal my past. Now my mission is to help my clients to face their own truth… because there’s freedom in our vulnerability.”

Don't Be Afraid To Live in YOUR Truth... Vulnerability is a Super Power

"What you won't admit is hurting you, will keep hurting your relationships"... 

Heal... Don't Hide

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"I wasn't a good wife..."

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