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Heal. Grow. Manifest... A Richer Life

Who is Ketra Richmond?

My primary goal in life is to inspire others to start living a “RICHER” Life!

What is a Richer Life? Simply put, a “Richer Life” is a life where you literally manifest and live your best life. Whatever that may look like to you. 


During my personal healing journey, I discovered that I wasn’t living a Richer Life. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I didn’t realize that I wasn’t, and I didn't know where to start. Unfortunately a lot of us can relate to this. Oftentimes, we believe the minimum is enough because we have not set a barometer to expect more out of life. The greater you think of yourself the 'Richer' your expectations become. 

So this is where we start. I begin by helping my clients to identify and believe in their true worth and value. This journey begins by discovering self-confidence through the lessons of my published workbook “Shell of A WOMAN”. I show my clients how to manifest the life they desire through the power of self-confidence with my "10 Steps to Success" confidence action plan. This step by step self-confidence building program takes you on a one way trip towards success.

Achieving a higher level of confidence helps you to elevate personally and professionally. Whether you’re looking to live Richer by obtaining better housing accommodations, enhance your career, or to be better in relationships, my goal is to help you amplify your ability to create a life of abundance.






Confidence Journey

Ready Set GO!

This step by step self-confidence building program takes you on a 10- step, one way trip towards success. You will be guided by Author & Coach, Ketra Richmond as you dive into her custom lesson plan based on her published workbook  "Shell of A WOMAN"!


Relocation Services

Your next Luxury Relocation Experience awaits. Connect with a Licensed Texas Realtor &  Luxury Homes Specialist to explore some of the most desired properties Dallas-Fort Worth has to offer.


Career Coaching

Connect with a professional career coach to tap into your greatest earnings potential. Learn how to perform as a top sales expert in the Multifamily Apartment industry.

Nasha R. 

"Ketra's encouragement and lessons helped me to make my dreams to move cross country reality! Her tips helped me to increase my self-confidence, credit score, and my savings account!
I wouldn't be the success story I am today without her help!"

Stephanie L.

"Ketra's energy and vibe is amazing. The experiences I've had since meeting her and discovering her confidence journal have been life changing! I'm extremely blessed to have her as a positive example in my life."

Ayesha G.

"I used to have a people pleasing mentality and always prioritized others before taking care of myself. Ketra’s lessons showed me how to confidently set healthy boundaries and pour into myself so I could focus on creating the life I want to experience!"

"Shell of a Woman"

By Ketra Richmond

Discovering and loving yourself is the most important assignment you will ever have



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